Sunday, December 25, 2011

Steam for Android 1.2 released!

Version 1.2  [Market link ]

  • Added 'Games' tab. 

  • Added some enhancements to the 'Specials' tab:
    • Extended controls: Sort by discount (%), price ($), Metascore (M) or name (a-z).
      • Tapping once sorts the list with the desired criteria, for example, A -> Z.
      • Tapping again sorts the list in reverse, for example, Z -> A.
    • Continuous/paged download mode:
      • Continuous mode (default mode) downloads all the Specials.
      • Paged mode downloads deals in small chunks. Tap at the bottom of the list to download more.
    • Show/hide extended controls by tapping on the Specials tab.

  • Fixed a rare bug that affected Android 3.0+. When the screen was rotating, sometimes the app would crash.

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  1. great functions, what about android devices? are they as great as their app.s ?