Sunday, December 18, 2011

Steam for Android released!

Market link

Steam for Android let's you check your Steam's public profile. See whether your friends are online or playing a certain game, check your groups' updates, or simply peek at the Steam Specials tab to see if there are any interesting discounts in the Steam store.

What this app includes:
  • Smooth user interface: swipe left aor simply click on the desired tab. The tabs are linked circularly, meaning that there is not first or last tab, so there is no need to go all the way back!

  • Summary tab: shows your Steam profile aswell as the most recent played games.

  •  Friends tab: all your friends list, indicating if they are online, ingame, or if they are logged out, the last time they were online. Clicking on any friend pops up a dialog bubble with three options: show mini profile, share and add to favorites.

  • Groups tab: all your groups, indicating the amount of members that are currently ingame or online. Clicking on a group and pressing the "mini summary" button brings up that group's summary.

  • Specials! tab: all the special deals currently available on Steam, with the list sorted by discount, so that the best deals are always on top of the list. Clicking on a deal brings up a small description of the game, including Metascore, genres, release date and a link to check it on Steam's website.

  • Favorites tab: if your friends' list is too long, you can easily add a few of them into the Favorites tab by clicking on the favorites icon from the player's bubble dialog.

  • Bandwidth friendly: the only information downloaded is the one on the opened tab, the rest of the tabs remain asleep until you open them. Once you change tabs, the previous tab stops downloading information and goes into 'sleep' mode. Once all the information is downloaded, the opened tab will also go into 'sleep' mode. If you want to refresh the tab, click on the menu button and hit the 'Refresh' icon.

  • Battery friendly: no background tasks that consume your phone's battery. Once the app is closed, it is closed for good. If you hit the HOME button in your phone instead, the app get's ready to be killed by the Operating System (this is particularly useful for phones with small amounts of RAM).

  • Compatibility: works (or SHOULD work, please email me with any bugs) with any phone from Android 1.6 to Android 4.0.


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